A Quick Guide to Help You When Hiring a Towing Company

Source: Area’s Best Towing, Loves Park, Illinois www.AreaBestTowing.com .

When you are in an emergency situation such as a car breakdown, engine trouble, car accident, or a slide-off, you may not have as much choice on who performs certain services. However, if you have a towing company in mind, you can easily get in touch with them to come to your rescue. The question then arises, how do you get a reliable and quality service towing company? To help you in this, below is a discussion on some of the critical factors to bear in mind.

The Type and Quality of Towing Equipment

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Truck being pulled out of a ditch by Area’s Best Towing

The first thing you should consider is the ability of the towing company to actually do the job. This is determined by the kind of equipment they have invested in. Ideally, a dedicated towing company should have a variety of high quality towing equipment that caters for every engine size and weight. This ensures flexibility, reliability, and preparedness of the part of the company.

The Towing Experience

Your vehicle is one of your most valued assets and you wouldn’t want to be the Guinea pig of an amateur towing company. Look for a company that has “been there and done that.” Experienced towing companies are familiar with different kinds of emergencies and have a proven approach on how to help you out irrespective of how delicate your situation is. For instance, they know the type of truck and gear to select when towing your specific car make and model.

License and Insurance

The overriding objective in any towing exercise is for your car to be safe during the towing until it gets to its destination. This is why you need to find out from your prospective towing company whether they have the necessary local licensing to legally operate in your area and the specific classes of tow trucks they have.

In addition, the company should have insurance cover to take care of any incidents involving loss or damage of your car during towing. Ask for the insurance policy and go through it yourself or give it to your lawyer.

The Service Cost

This is an important factor that you should also look into when searching for an appropriate towing company. The towing industry has average charges on some of the common towing jobs. You can use these averages when engaging your prospective tow truck company to gauge their pricing regime and whether they are unrealistic or inflated.

Avoid offers from unsolicited tow companies and never sign on the dotted line until you are completely satisfied the service provider is the best fit for you.