Finishing Off Your Kitchen with a Stone Island Countertop

Adding an island to your kitchen is one of the best ways to add not just space, but functional space. A kitchen without an island or some sort of a peninsula wastes a lot of floor space which could be utilized well if islands and cabinets are fitted.

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There are certain things a kitchen can never have too much of and two of these are cabinet space and counter space. The following are some of the benefits you can reap from a kitchen island professionally fitted in your Rockford, IL home.

Subtle Storage

The cabinets under your kitchen island blend well with the rest of the kitchen and offer a great storage addition. As a matter of fact, many people hardly notice the existence of these cabinets until the time they really want to use them. Another advantage of the island cabinets is that they enhance space instead of squeezing it like those that hang from the wall. Instead of getting rid of some of your cooking ware because of lack of space, these cabinets will provide additional space to countless of items.

Working Space

Even in a kitchen that is spacious, you may have difficulties finding enough counter space to do your food preparations and other kitchen tasks. The main counter portion usually has a cut out for a sink, a stove top or oven slot and other kitchen appliances.

If you have a knife block, toaster, and other kitchen equipment on the main counter, they may significantly cut down on the space available to do other chores. Therefore, it is important to have an island you can always keep clean and free from clutter. Basically, the island creates a bigger open workspace right at the center of your kitchen making cooking more enjoyable than before.

Extra Seating

Have you ever thought of having an informal dining area in your kitchen? Well, a kitchen island can give you that opportunity and even provide an additional seating space to entertain your guests and family. It doesn’t matter the size of your kitchen, you can always squeeze in a counter extension into the next room which can act as an island. Your new-found space may not seat 6 or 10 people, but even if it is 2, it is a plus for you.

Any type of countertop can be excellent in finishing off your island. However, a stone counter top is an excellent choice because stone is natural. Look for marble or granite and get a Rockford home improvement expert to fit it for you right at the center of your kitchen.

If looking for professional craftsmanship for natural stones in Rockford, IL make sure you give Rockford Granite Experts a call!