I’ve created this site as an outlet.

Yes. But not for me. It’s for my nephew and his wife. A young couple that want to remain anonymous.

I said: “you can’t just post this stuff and not claim ownership of it…”

So they agreed to have pen names. We shall call them “Lucy P.” and “Luca B.”

You can tell from this page writing isn’t my thing. But you will soon find out that they have a skill. They are artisans of ink, “swordspeople” (what’s the politically correct term these days??) with the pen…

You see… they have a talent for writing – I think so, at least. A┬átalent that needs to be put out there. So there won’t be a whole lot of rhyme, reason (or sense for that matter) with the stuff I post on this site. Just a compilation of random writings and borrowed content that is properly credited and cited.